A History of Excellence: Chemistry at Sichuan University


The history of the College of Chemistry can be dated back to 1907, when the chemistry class of the Science Department at the Sichuan School of Higher Education was first established. This long history of over 100 years has created an excellent academic atmosphere and a great educational tradition in the College  of Chemistry.

The College benefits from excellent faculty and staff. Overall, the school boasts 165 teaching staff and 115 full-time teachers which include 41 professors, 41 associate professors and 29 doctoral supervisors. Among the full-time teachers, 71.3% have senior professional titles, 75.7% have doctoral degrees and 91.5% of the young teachers (no more than 40 years old) have doctoral degrees. The school currently has 1 double hired academician, 4 Changjiang Scholars from the Ministry of Education (one of which is a chaired professor), 5 awardees of the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (one of which earned a type B fund), 2 specialists for the “Thousands of Talents Plan,” 3 national candidates for the “Millions of Talents Project in New Century,” 1 national teaching master, 1 professor for the “Thousands of Young Talents Plan,” 18 awardees of the “New Century Talents Training Plan by the Ministry of Education,” 2 recipients of the Teaching and Research Award Program for Outstanding Young Teachers in Higher Schools, 1 recipient of the “Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award for Young People,” and 17 Sichuan provincial academic and technology leaders. In both 2008 and 2010, the school was awarded the titles of “Innovative Research Team on Green Organic Synthesis” and “Environment-friendly Polymers” by the Ministry of Education. Other awards include the “Innovative Research Group” from The National Natural Science Foundation on the subject of “New Reaction and New Strategy of Highly Selective Organic Synthesis” in 2010 and the national teaching team on “Green Chemistry” in 2009. Thus the school has formed a team of faculty constituted of a combination of academicians (joint appointment), invited specialists of the “Thousands of Talents Plan,” Changjiang Scholars, awardees of the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and the national teaching masters as the leaders with the College, provincial and ministerial academic leaders as the key forces, and young scholars as the backbone. At the same time, the school has taken significant measures to strengthen this team of faculty, such as training talents inside and bringing in outside talents. The school also has carried out teaching team and research team plans to promote distinguished faculty members and to train further echelons of Chemistry professionals in order to improve the teaching and research level of the school.