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2007.09 – 2013.02, University of Alberta,分析化学,博士, 导师:X. Chris Le院士
2002.09 – 2006.07,天津大学药学院,理学学士
2018.05 – 至今,四川大学化学学院,特聘研究员,博导
2014.12 – 至今,Brock University (加拿大)化学系、生物技术中心,助理教授(Tenure-Track)
2018.08 – 2018.08,中科院上海应用物理所,中加YSEP访问学者,Host:樊春海教授
2013.08 – 2013.12,University of California, Irvine干细胞研究中心,访问学者
2013.02 – 2014.11,University of Alberta临床医学及病理学系,博士后



2019 Young Investigators in Analytical and Bioanalytical Science,Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry(Springer旗下期刊)

2018 入选Ontario-China Young Scientist Exchange Program,中国科技部与加拿大安大略政府共同资助
2018 Ontario Early Researcher Award,加拿大安大略政府
2017 入选第十三批国家千人计划青年项目
2016 Emerging Investigator in Analytical Science,Analyst(英国皇家化学会旗下期刊)
2014 JDRF Postdoctoral Fellowship(declined),美国糖尿病协会
2013 Doctoral Dissertation Award(推荐人:Analytical Chemistry主编Jonathan Sweedler教授),University of Alberta
2013 国家优秀自费留学生奖,中国教育部
2013 Bill Davidson Graduate Student Travel Award, 7th International Symposium on Enabling Technologies
2012 Young Scientist Travel Award, 28th International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis
2012 J. Gordin Kaplan Graduate Student Award, University of Alberta
2012纳米技术创业大赛二等奖,University of Alberta
代表性成果 (获奖成果、专著、论文、专利)
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Invited contribution in the special issue of “Approaches to Top-Down Proteomics: In Honor of Prof. Patrick H. O’Farrell”.
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