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代表性成果 (获奖成果、专著、论文、专利)
1) Zheng Liu, Yonghua Xian, Jingbo Lan,* Yuanyuan Luo, Weixin Ma, Jingsong You.* Fusion of aromatic ring to azoarenes: one-pot access to 5,6-phenanthroliniums for mitochondria-targeted far-red/NIR fluorescent probes. Org. Lett. 2019, 21, 1037-1041.
2) Xingwen Pu, Mangang Zhang, Jingbo Lan*, Shuyou Chen, Zheng Liu, Wenbo Liang, Yudong Yang, Min Zhang, Jingsong You.* Tandem Rh(III)-catalyzed C?H heteroarylation of indolyl ketones and Cu(II)-promoted intramolecular cyclization: one-pot access to blue-emitting phenanthrone-type polyheterocycles. Org. Lett. 201921, 1139-1143.
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