On June 19, 2017, the Southwestern China Chemical Sciences International Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) officially celebrated their launch as an official chapter of the ACS at the College of Chemistry at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. The Southwestern China Chapter supports chemistry professionals and public outreach in the region comprised of Chongqing, Guizhou, Sichuan and Yunnan. Within the Southwestern China Chapter there is also a Student Affiliates Chapter at Chongqing University. Three student representatives from this group, in addition to students, faculty and other ACS members throughout Sichuan participated in the activities for this special event. Kate Fryer (Executive Vice President of Membership for the ACS), Jakub Konysz (Director of ACS Global Strategic Initiatives) and Chunxiao Zheng (Director of China Strategy & Scientific Advancement, ACS) were all special guests from the ACS to officially present the charter certificate, introduce the ACS to the attendees, and inform local ACS members on what the Society can do to help support activities in Southwestern China to help connect local chemistry professionals and advance the chemical enterprise. The celebration began at 9AM with an introduction to the ACS from Kate Fryer and an introduction to the Southwestern China Chapter by Chapter Interim Secretary and Sichuan University Professor Jason J. Chruma. Then Vice President Fryer presented the official Charter Certificate to Professor Chruma.

ACS Executive Vice President Kate Fryer presents the charter certificate to Southwestern China Chapter Interim Secretary Prof. Jason J. Chruma

After the certificate presentation, Jakub Konysz introduced the group to some of the benefits of becoming an ACS member and provided some advice on how to network effectively. The initial ceremony concluded with a question and answer ceremony and special prizes were given to attendees that asked or answered questions. 


Directors Jakub Konysz and Chunxiao Zheng answer questions about the ACS


Attendees of the launch ceremony for the ACS Southwestern China Chapter pose with the official certificate

Representative from the Chongqing University ACS Student Affiliates Chapter pose with Secretary Chruma, Vice President Fryer, Director Jakub Konysz and Director Chunxiao Zheng at the Southwestern China Chapter launch ceremony

After the presentation ceremony, select ACS members and students retired to a smaller room to have a brainstorming session about specific activities that the Southwestern China Chapter could host and how the ACS and ACS International could help facilitate, organize, fund and advertise such events. Vice President Fryer introduced the group to the global strategy of the ACS and Director Chunxiao Zheng informed the group of what she and ACS International can do to help facilitate chapter activities. She also informed the session on what other chapters in the China (JingJinJi and Shanghai) will do. The student representatives from Chongqing University were interested in connecting with the other international chapters in China. Other potential activities discussed were (1) ACS-on-Campus publishing workshops in all the represented regions, (2) informal networking sessions to connect industry professionals and academic chemists in the region, (3) outreach to high school students in the region including a Festival in Chongqing, and (4) formal symposia where industrial professionals can highlight particular areas that they would most like to see academic research groups pursue. Overall, the event was a good start to what is hoped to be an active and vibrant group for chemistry professionals and students in Southwestern China to connect, communicate, and share the societal benefits of the chemistry enterprise with the community.


Director Chunxiao Zheng helps direct the brainstorming session